Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I nominate a business or individual for the Best of Namibia competition?

Answer: You can nominate a business or individual by visiting each Category page where you will find a Nomination Form with various sub-categories. Fill out the required fields. You can nominate in any of the sub-categories (you do not have to nominate in all of them).

2. Can I nominate more than one business or individual?

Answer: Yes, participants are encouraged to nominate in multiple sub-categories. However, you can only submit one nomination per sub-category per person to ensure a fair and competitive process.

3. How is the voting process conducted?

Answer: After nominations are closed, the Best of Namibia team will shortlist the top 5 nominees in each sub-category. The public will then be invited to vote for their favourite nominees via our website. Each person can vote once in each sub-category.

4. Are there any restrictions on who can nominate or vote?

Answer: Nominations and votes are open to anyone, but voters must provide a valid email address to ensure the integrity of the voting process. This also helps in preventing multiple votes.

5. When does the nomination period end?

Answer: The nomination period for this year’s competition closes on 24 May 2024. We encourage you to submit your nominations well in advance to ensure your favourite businesses and individuals are considered.

6. How will finalists and winners be announced?

Answer: Finalist in the various categories will be announced on our social media pages and through our mailing list comprised of those who participated in the nomination process. Winners will be announced during our grand awards ceremony and will also be listed on our website and social media channels. Stay tuned for the announcement date and details on how you can join the celebration.

7. What do winners receive?

Answer: Winners in each category receive a Best of Namibia award, along with featured placements in our partner magazine FlyNamibia, on Future Media’s radio channels, and across our social media platforms. This provides winners with significant exposure and recognition.

8. Can I change my nomination or vote after submitting it?

Answer: Once your nomination or vote has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Please make your selection carefully before confirming your nomination or vote.

9. How can I become a sponsor of the Best of Namibia competition?

Answer: We welcome new sponsors who share our vision of celebrating Namibian excellence. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us via the Contact Us page for more details on how you can support and collaborate with us.

10. Who can I contact for more information or assistance?

Answer: If you need further assistance or have any questions not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to reach out through our Contact Us page. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries.

Discover and support the best of Namibian businesses. Your vote and participation brings to light the excellence and innovation thriving within our nation. 

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