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Vote for your favourite in each or any of the below categories. From Food & Drink to Lifestyle, and Vehicles to Retail, explore our diverse categories and start nominating your top picks!

Food & Dining

The butcher ... The baker ... And the hottest caterer! If it’s foodie, fabulous, and worth a celebration, you should vote for it here!

Travel & Accommodation

From luxurious lodges to cozy campsites, it's all about discovery! Vote for your go-to places that make every journey memorable.


The backbone of daily life – from banks to medical providers! Show your support for the services that keep us running smoothly day in and day out.


Where fun meets wellness, and style meets substance! Celebrate the places that add that extra zest to our lives, from gyms to galleries.

Vehicles & Mobility

Gear up for the best in mobility and innovation! Whether it’s the thrill of a new car or the convenience of the best rideshare app, cast your vote here.


The hunt for the unforgettable find ends here! From fashion to electronics, vote for the retailers that stand out in the world of shopping.

Weddings & Events

Celebrating moments that matter with unmatched elegance! Honour the planners, venues, and caterers that turn dreams into reality.


Shaping minds, building futures – education at its finest! Recognise the institutions and programs that make a difference in our youth’s lives.


Champions of change, making a difference every day! Support the charities dedicated to uplifting, healing, and conserving our world.

Personalities & Icons

The faces and voices that inspire a nation! Vote for the individuals whose talent, dedication, and charisma put Namibia on the map.

Beverage Hotspots

Recognising the vibrant hubs across Namibia where connoisseurs gather to indulge in tantalising drinks.

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Discover and support the best of Namibian businesses. Your vote and participation brings to light the excellence and innovation thriving within our nation. 

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